I got a call from AsukaBook today saying that my album for the Papakata Teepee wedding of Martin & Michelle (blog post here) has been awarded their Album of The Month!

This is a mockup of their BAWP 10×10″ Master Storybook on its protective black cover.

Andrew Moorcroft, the Director of Everleaf, rang me up & asked for a quote to feature me on their homepage!  Check it out here.  He said it’s a particularly prestigious award this month, as there are so many albums going to print in time for Christmas. Andrew said he was so impressed he asked if they could print a copy out for them to display on their stands at trade fairs to show off their books!

So naturally I’m honoured!

I contacted Martin & Michelle to give them the good news and asked them if that was all cool & cos they’re cool, they said it was.

They also allowed me to show off the album layout on my blog, giving you lot the op to see what my albums are like inside.

So here it is – the wedding of Martin & Michelle! (nb: The logos aren’t in my albums, just on blog branded images!)

Thank you AsukaBook for the award & thank you Martin & Michelle for being ace!

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