My most recent pre-wedding visit was hooking up with these two, Katie & Neil

They’re hosting their wedding reception at the tranquil, holiday cottages at Broadgate farm in Beverley.

The owners of Broadgate Farm have been progressively converting their various outbuildings and barns into fabulously finished cottages……and out in the grass in front, Katie & Neil are going to be erecting Papkata teepees for their reception!

We absolutely love these Teepees and had a blast shooting Martin & Michelle’s Papakata wedding back in 2010 (check their highlights blog here).

They’ve got a wonderfully 70’s festival vibe to them!

But inside, they’re beautiful.  Whatever the weather, they’re lovely and warm, heated by smoke-free log fires (ideal for marshmallow roasting!)

Anyhoos – we met one misty March afternoon and the Springy daffies were swaying in the cool air.Cherry blossom was out on the trees

…and the scary black sheep of the family farm was staring me down

In we dived for our practice photoshoot!

I always put my couples through a practice shoot, to get them used to being snapped.

Having been through the experience they’re far more natural on their big day!

A little smoochy montage!

Outside one of the cottages was this little frame to pose inAnd round the back of the pig style was this cool old fence.

I rather like the wide angle of this one.I like looking for the little details

It was great to see these guys were naturals!

It’s all about being able to get relaxed portraits out of a couple, while they relax and enjoy themselves
Working a bench we found!One of the farm buildings had this amazing old grey wood wall; a perfect background against which to have a snog!I like this proud / bemused little glance!

Another bold little composition.  I like how the hinges of the garage door point towards and fame Katie & Neil.

So I’m really looking forward to hooking up with these guys in April, and can’t wait to join their party in the teepees!

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