My dear rescue dog, Kyra, told me how much she likes dressing up.  Or at least I think she said ‘likes’.  That kinda stunned expression is a bit cryptic…

Either way, as winter temperatures drop and with Christmas pending, I thought I’d treat her to a festive jumper from Equafleece – purveyors of finely-crafted dog-wear!  They’re not just snappy, but they’ve also got jazzy wicking & warming properties especially created for dogses!

Either way, I think she looks the business in her new turtle-neck.

She thinks she looks better in black & white, and I believe that’s because:

a) we don’t see in black and white and find things look more interesting that way

b) cos dogs are dichromatic and see only two primary colours, blue and yellow, and have significantly lower chromatic acuity than humans, so B+W is less weirdy.

[NB: please don’t confuse this blog for science]

She asked me what her motivation for this shot was, so I told her “you’re a casual dad, who’s just rolled up his sleeves after a long day digging the garden”.

I think she did rather well and expect she’ll end up in the movies one day.

Kyra also decided she wanted to be part of MOvember, to help raise awareness for testicular cancer.  You may have noticed I didn’t share any images of my shameful attempt at a MOustache, but K got involved with her new HumungaStache toy.

How I’m going to book any wedding clients by posting stuff like this I don’t know.  But there we are.

If you like these, try Darth Kyra!

Party on,

B (+K)

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