As I had so many favourite images from the wonderful destination wedding we shot in Malta last weekend, I decided to split the wedding day highlights across 2 blogs.  If you’ve not seen part 1 of their preparations, click here to check it out.

We left their story in part 1 with Maria leaving for the ceremony.  She arrived in the Daimler in equally buoyant spirits!

And looked quite the part being escorted down the aisle on her proud father’s arm!

In spite of Maria being Maltese & Bert being Belgian (& speaking pretty much every language going!), their service was conducted in English, the 2nd language in Malta.

Maria’s head of music at the UK school she teaches at, and still plays the piano to a professional standard.  Music played a very important role on the day, and the music in the church was stunning; with a vocalist, cellist and harpist laying out out various beautiful tunes through the service!

Sealed with a kiss!

Catholic mass was taken & registers signed accompanied by violinists from the London Symphony Orchestra!

And back down the aisle came Bert & Maria as man & wife!

A quick blast of confetti!

Clare clambered up a whole bunch of stairs to capture this cracker of guests wishing Bert & Maria congratulations.We didn’t have a vast amount of time outside, but it was great to catch a big team shot of everyone…

…before heading round the corner for champagne & a spot of mingling in the courtyard.

We turned through family shots light lightning! 

The gents looked suave in front of the ancient sun-dial……and the girls looked a picture of elegance!

The wedding party dived in the Daimler for the ride across Malta to the Golden Sands Hotel…

…while guests rode on a traditional Maltese vintage bus!

We had a great laugh on the way over, and I love this shot of Bert!
The sun was almost set when we arrived at Golden Sands bay

Though holiday-makers were still enjoying themselves on the beach

The luxurious 5* Radisson Blu – Golden Sands Resort & Spa was the location of their evening reception (where we were lucky enough to be put up too!).  It’s one of those awesome resorts with loads of amazing restaurants, pools and facilities, as well as its own private beach, where Bert & Maria had their evening do!

Guests alighted the bus and made their way onto one of the sea-view balconies…

…while I smuggled the newlyweds away…

…for a few cheeky portraits on the beach!


A week or so back, Clare & I met these guys in (a distinctly less sunny) Newark, near where they live, to catch up and take a few photos of them to get them used to being photographed (check out their pre-wedding blog here).  I generally don’t like to stage too much, and try to simply capture moments & details to tell the story of their day; but having been through the experience before the big day, it makes the portrait shoot so much more relaxed for both them and I.

We’d also had the day or so previous to nosey around and get some ideas on places to shoot the portraits.

I love the almost Art Deco, New York Guggenheim museum quality to the hotel.

I love this one.

It was amazing how fast light dropped after the sun set in Malta.  It’s easy not to think of it being almost equatorial in latitude, but it’s not miles away from Libya & Algeria.  And while the light stays in the skies till round 10pm in the UK, it sets not long after 8pm and it’s essentially pitch black by half-past!

Fortunately, we got on really well with their English-born, Malta-based video guy, Bryan Azzopardy – who was shooting their wedding movie on DSLRs – and as light dropped, he offered to throw a splash of brightness on the scene with his video light!  Win!

They’re such a lovely couple, and it was great for them to have a bit of time together on the beach.When I was happy with the portrait stash, I said they could go back and join their guests, while I photographed the cake and a few details around the beach reception; but when I was done & wandering back I spotted them sharing a quiet moment together on one of the beach loungers.

It’s great to see a couple stop and take time to soak in the surroundings on their big day; otherwise it goes past in such a whirlwindWhat a thoroughly lovely couple indeed!

Upstairs, on the balcony guests enjoyed drinks and canapes…

…as they watched the evening fade into night

The challenge became adding light where we could, to make it look natural!  Such as by bouncing flash off the yellow balcony wall!

As with this one!

I love how Bert seems to make everyone around him smile.After a good mingle, the wedding party led the gang down to the beach terrace for the evening BBQ & entertainment!

I thought I’d get one last staged portrait bouncing flash off the inside of one of these giant umbrellas!

Then guests settled in for food and drinks……as a live jazz band played in the background, fronted by Malta’s famous singer, Nadine Axisa!

She sang ‘Truly, Madly, Deeply’ for their first dance, which features as the soundtrack on the video at the top.

Love this one of a tender embrace as guests piled onto the floor afterwards!

As the tunes hotted up, it was fun to see guests (and most spectacularly, Maria’s otherwise shy father) go nuts on the dancefloor!As things start late in Malta, they also go on late!  This was around midnight, with the foreground lit by firelight!

The cake was cut (again in total darkeness!)

and some informal speeches were delivered by Bert’s hilarious best man & half-brother Harold, and from Bert to Maria.

After we’d settled down and had a few drinks ourselves, there was suddenly a surprise firework display I don’t think anyone was expecting!!  

And to wrap up the evening around 1am, Bert & Maria decided to ‘Go away’ in a pedalo!

Crazy fools!

What a brilliant day all round, hey?  Such fun, filled with smiles and laughter, and so great to see a different wedding of such lovely people in such a beautiful country!  Thank you guys so much for asking us along, and for all your near & dear making us feel so welcome!

The show, however, didn’t end there!  On the Sunday after the wedding, Bert & Maria asked us & 40 or so guests to take a tour of the island on three grand 50ft yachts!  I couldn’t resist taking my camera along for the ride, so stay tuned for a boat trip highlights blog later this week!

Thanks for reading!


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