On Saturday we photographed a London Wedding at Marylebone Town Hall & The Union Club in Soho!

We joined the very lovely Caroline & David on their fun day around the Big Smoke!  (You’ll see the significance of the Oyster Cards Later!

I love shooting London weddings, because the city itself always plays such a big character in the wedding story.

I joined Caroline & Team Bride at the seriously impressive Landmark Hotel in Marylebone.

Alongside her girls, Caroline enjoyed the company of some great friends, and the morning was lots of funI like this one of the bride’s sister being made up
Bridesmaids good to go, in ace vintage-style dressesLast but by no means least in the pamper chair was our bride to beOn a little explore of the vast hotel I found a dramatic, grand staircase in which to photograph the details, including Caroline’s stunning vintagey wedding gown! As most guests use the lifts, I had this enormous space to myself to play with the shoes……and the beautiful bridal flora, by Lisa Yardley & packed with David Austin Roses, Gardenias & StephanotisMum & Dad arrived to join the funMeanwhile, Clare headed out to Zone 3…… to capture the boys morning’s shenanigans Here’s the man of the hour, Dave, looking snappy!It’s really not a wedding if the boys don’t get chance to squeeze in a pre-ceremony pint……before heading over to the ceremony building at the famous Marylebone Town HallA few details around the Hall where many a celebrity has tied the knot.Team Groom!

Dress up time!One final check Once the gang were ready we headed into the secret staircase for a few relaxed wedding party groups

With a proud mum & dad, who’d flown all the way over from Caroline’s home in New Zealand!LOVE this stairwell!

A final quick teamshot on another staircase in the grand atrium of the hotel……before walking 5 minutes down the road to the Town Hall!  I do like a bride who’s happy to enjoy her dress out on the streets!Dave, his best man & mum in wait at the frontA supportive man hug from Dave’s broHere comes the brideWith this ring I thee wed…

The kiss!After a bright, relaxed ceremony, registers were signed and down the aisle came a new man & wife!After the ceremony, guests assembled by the vintage Routemaster to cheer in the happy couple

BOOSH!We made quite the confetti stormWhile guests mingled, we whistled through a few fun family permutationsThen champagne was popped and everyone got a glass of fizz before boarding the bus for their Soho receptionMeanwhile the bride & groom had decided to take a stroll around the London streets for a few pics

and when I spotted a background to cuddle against we stopped for a quick portraitBut possibly the most fun part for me was that they’d decided to take the tube to their reception (hence the Oyster Cards!).I don’t know many brides who’d fancy dragging their bridal gown around the London Underground, but the pictures are so much fun!

(I’d originally said to get a black cab to Soho so we could do some pics before guests arrived, but just a few days before the wedding they suggested getting the tube!)One of the best parts was seeing the reactions & congratulations of the random London public & tourists!A quick smooch in the bustling Piccadilly Circus tube stationThe walk from Piccadilly through to Soho passed many excellent spots for quick portraits.

I can’t say enough how much I love brides who aren’t super precious about getting their gowns a little grubby!  The pictures are SO much better!

I love this one outside the stage door of the Apollo Theatre Stage Door

I believe it’s the law to take a photo in front of red phone boxesA few sights around Soho

We’d done a whole bunch of practice photos around this neck of the woods at Caroline & Dave’s pre-wed a few months back (check it out here)Wandering through the gayer streets of Soho…

…the reactions were even more flamboyant!

This old theatre doorway suite the vintage vibe perfectly!

Arriving at The Union Club and after a good stomp and portrait session, it turned out the bus had literally just arrived & unloaded guests!

(Talk about efficient use of time!)Before diving into the party, we rounded up the wedding party people for a fun set of wedding party shots on the Soho side streets
The girls were great fun!
As were the chaps!This is a fun idea I’ve wanted to do for ages!
Good sports all round!

Later in the day Caroline & Dave said the sweetest thing to us; about how our photographic services had actually added so much to the day, bringing so much more fun & energy to the groupshots and portrait adventures than they’d expected.  This really is our ‘Modus Operandi’; to provide a service that not creates a beautiful visual story of the day, but also strives to make the day more fun for the couple and their guests!

The Union Club is a brilliantly unique, secret spot in the hustle and bustle of Soho, full of eclectic pictures, art & the letter U!

I’d like to also note that the staff at the Union Club couldn’t have been a cooler bunch of individuals; who not only handled the wedding supremely professionally but with an individual touch, but also made us feel right at home (and made us possibly the best handmade burger we’ve ever had!).  A top spot indeed.

The upstairs room looked brilliant, set up for their guests!

(Apparently one of the bridesmaids had a bizarre phobia of portraits…)

Our pal Jules Birkby did their wonderful stationary (check out – AND USE! – her brilliant graphic skills here)

Speeches were genuinely some of the best I’ve heard in AGES!  Hilarious, unique, heartfelt & exquisitely delivered.

The official cutting of the cake

The first dance

…and then the evening’s partying commenced!

We genuinely had so much fun joining Caroline & Dave for their classy but beautifully understated big day around the Big Smoke.  They’re such a lovely couple and here’s to a wonderful life together and a brilliant honeymoon in beautiful Argentina!


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