A few weeks back we were lucky enough to fly to Malta to photograph the wonderful destination wedding of Maria & Bert!

[ In case you missed the post: click here for part 1 and here for part 2 ]

We enojyed 4 days at the 5* Radisson Blu Golden Sands Hotel, where Maria & Bert hosted their wedding reception.  It was an absolutely magical wedding, and after managing to squeeze in a few days relaxing by the pool, my feelings on ‘all-inclusive resort-based hotels’ was completely reversed.  Sod island hopping, city breaks & ‘flash-packing’, in the middle of wedding season I am now down with full-on pool-based relaxation!

But not only that, the day after their wedding, Bert & Maria asked us to join them for a day  with 50 of their near & dear, to cruise around Malta on three 50 ft yachts!

I’d expect nothing less from Bert but to come suitably attired!Bert’s (now) wife Maria, a Maltan (!?) knew what the wear as she greeted the gang before casting off.You can’t complain really can you, when the weather is pretty much ALWAYS like this!Some of Bert’s old uni mates arriving.
And off we set!Aaaaaah, like nothing else, salty spray is one way to ruin a camera! Initially our boat were a bit gutted to discover they were stuck with the photographer, but they soon got used to the idea!
This lady was cool – a fellow photographer!

We had a good gas about the art of capturing a portraits and moments over few plastic beakers of wine. One of yesterday’s bridesmaids; almost used to being photographed!Up top I caught one of the cooler guests at the wedding sitting in an almost meditative stance, so I made a joke about it and got this!At various points around the trip the three boats lashed up and we all hopped in for swim!Weeeeeeeeee….Sploosh!The new wife, getting involved!Fun times indeedIt’s funny, I can 100% recall how this buoy felt on the soles of my feet!Our captains let those who fancied it have a go a driving!The grand harbours of Malta are quite spectacular.

Pretty much its entire history has been spent fend off invaders with walls and canons.And from sea level it’s really quite dramatic

A nice relaxed shot of some of Bert’s dear friends.

Awww, look at these guys!  I can think of plenty worse ways to while away an afternoon.….mmm, wine

Simply magical light for portraits

Clare was certainly enjoying herself.

People just go down to the semi derelict harbour walls for a BBQ & a swim.We’d hoped to visit the spectacular blue lagoon on the nearby isle of Comino, but it had been too choppy to get in, so after a long day’s cruise we headed back…

…past the dramatic facade of Valetta!

We’d love to head back to Malta to explore the ancient streets here.


Looking slightly frazzled after a fun day at sea!Yesterday’s ring bearer chilling in the shade

…and the faces of folk who’ve had a fun day out.

I can’t complain really.  My job could be worse.

; )

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