Last week was the launch of the 25th Leeds International Film Festival

It was being hosted at the Town Hall in Leeds & they’d created a massive banner to cover the front of the building.

It’s always nice to see inside Leeds Town Hall.  It’s a grand ol’ place.
I sung in the Leeds Town Hall choir once upon a time.

The opening gala was a showing of ‘Wuthering Heights’ directed by Andrea Arnold in the grand hall.

The reason I was there was because I was asked along by Dine Catering Services, who were doing a VIP party for special event guests
I’d done some food photography with them a few weeks back (post here) and they’d asked me along to snap their tasty canapés at the launch

They’d set up a cool Indian themed table from which to serve their drinks.

Their food is always stunning and I’ve done loads of weddings where they do the catering.
Nice details.

One of the canapés I’d snapped back at Dine HQ were these clever little pipes
They’re basically clever little flavour combinations, with a drinkable hit with a complimentary wee bite on top.

These guys were delivered to the guests on some cunning light boxes
Drinkable piña colada’s for the win!

Liking Dine’s own-branded booze!

Clever little parfait with pineapple relish

Another fun lightbox to deliver little spoonfuls of baby breaded blackpudding served on apple sauce.
It was great to be there for the launch of Leeds’ annual Film Festival, and I hope to get involved this year to catch some of the interesting films on offer around the city!

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