I host and organise a band night in Leeds called the Sunday Service.  It’s a free night at Verve bar in Leeds on the last Sunday of every month and our mantra is to champion the cream of the North’s singer songwriter talent and pay them in beer and pictures.  It’s always a great night where music fans come to respectfully listen to good music, and bands play all the better in that listening environment!

As usual, I thought I’d share a few of my fave images of the night.  

These ones are of two members of the band ‘Silverlode‘, who came and played a stripped back set for us.  They generally call themselves the ‘Brother’s Grimm’ when they play as a two, and their tunes are always unusual and refreshing.

I do like to catch a few details around the scene.As it was on the 30th Oct, a pal of mine brought a wee Halloween pumpkin to oversee proceedings. 

The 2nd act of the evening was in fact a local comic, named Silky.

As a musician, he asked me if I wanted a fun or a serious set – so I asked for a half funny set.

He played some lovely material, and made us all laugh.

As it’s pretty much a tradition of mine, it only seemed fair to photograph his feet tooOur final act were called ‘The Heathen Kings‘, who have graced our walls before.
The singer, Rachael, is a little star
I do like bands who come and play a whole host of fun instruments.
Mandolin for the win!Token Heathen Kings shoe shot!
Daniel’s a pal of mine too, and most of these guys work at Leeds College of Music, helping nourish young musicians of Leeds to fruitionLovin their ribbony tamo!
As always, it was a fun Sunday Service, full of great music and good fun!

If you’re interested in coming along to one, come on down to Verve barin Leeds on the last Sunday of the month!

We’ve equally ace bands playing on Nov 27th and the Xmas special on Dec 18th is always good craig!

Party on kids

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