I was out walking K in the mist the other morning in Horseforth Park and ended up snapping a bunch of images using the hipstamatic app on my iPhone.

I always thought that the best landscape photographers always owned dogs…

…reason being, you pretty much have to walk the dog twice a day, pretty much whatever the weather.

Those photographers that live near somewhere truly beautiful and dramatic, eg. up in the dales/lakes/Scottish Highlands, end up walking their pooch in all the most dramatic weather conditions.  If they have a camera with ’em (which any self-respecting photographer should), then they capture all kinds of amazing images in the kind of dramatic weather conditions any self-respecting person would choose to stay indoors!

Did that sentence make any sense?  You get the drift.

It’s also often said that the best camera is the one you have with you, which is why I bought the iPhone 4S, for it’s better quality 8megapixel, f2.3 camera.

It’s not entirely what I hoped for, and not a patch on a DSLR, but it’s getting closer to having the quality of an actual compact camera in your pocket.

As it’s also my phone, I always have this camera on me and it certainly helps pass the time while Kyra checks her wee-mail and sniffs out dubious things to roll in & eat…

Most people didn’t take photographs cos they didn’t have a camera on them; now that excuse is redundant!

Get creative!  Frame what’s around you, and be excited by what you see.

I’m not phishing for friends here, but I post images like this ALL the time to my Facebook, including an arguably unhealthy number of images of what I’m having for breakfast, so if you’d like to see more – add me as a friend here!

Party on & be creative!


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