Yesterday, I was invited by Anthony Flinn Jr., of Anthony’s restaurants fame, to the Corn Exchange in Leeds to do some food photography.

It hasn’t been long since I did Helen & Joby’s wedding photography at the Corn Exchange, which was an amazing venue for a wedding.  Check out their fun-filled, foody wedding blog post here and their pre-wedding post (and the story of how my photographic career began at the Corn Exchange) in another post here.

But yesterday I was downstairs in to photograph at Anthony’s new concept restaurant…

Rib Shakk! Guess what they sell here?!

Ribs come in Pork or Beef, slow cooked for no less than 7 hours, and even the burgers contain pure rib meat, bones removed for easier handling!

LORDY, I love this kinda food!  For example; Corn: good. Deep fried: good. Deep fried corn? Win!

With Anthony having a hand in it, it was made with the very finest ingredients.  I got to sample a lot of that rib was simply divine.

Anthony showed me the Rib Shakk brand they’ve been branding all the boards with… 

They even branded their very own baseball caps, so I thought this told a nice story.

For pyromaniacs, arsonists and masochists, Anthony told me about the ‘Wall of Flames Challenge’ – a fiery gauntlet indeed. If a punter can finish the secret, inferno hot sauce ribs in half an hour they receive their meal and drink free, plus earn their place on the Rib Shakk’s Wall of Flame in the restaurant and online as a mark of respect.  Served with the meal is a glass of milk (the antidote to the pain, which can’t be drunk with the meal!) and a frozen branded bog roll, for the day after!


Once Rib Shakk Leeds is successfully established, Anthony’s Restaurants Ltd plans to take the concept to other cities in the UK.

So if you fancy ol’ fashioned backyard BBQ, done properly, get down to Rib Shakk where in their words “it won’t cost you a fistful of dollars to get a belly full of ribs!”

I’m going back, for sure.


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