Note: This is one of a series of blogs I’m posting while I’m in Kenya & Uganda shooting a month’s charity photography for Link International, documenting the delivery of vehicles from Kenya to Uganda.

All work an no play makes Jack a dull boy, so we decided to take a nosey round the Tsavo East National Park in Eastern Kenya.

A quick teamshot at the gates.

A strangely human looking elephant skull.

The baking savannah

Some div waving at his shadow.

Some kind of Impala

Probably my fave safari shot was this lonely elephant stomping through the dust.

Apparently, when the top dog elephants get usurped, they spend their remaining days in isolation.

Here he is up close.

Working my dusty fake bake again.

I found elephants are more than happy to show you their butts.

As we jokers cruised round the park in a bus, we saw a cluster of official safari vehicles, and moseyed up to find two lionesses hanging out by a kill.

I do like a nice ass

The golden sunset didn’t disappoint

It took us so long to cross the park that we set camp by headlight.  There was no kind of protection what-so-ever from the elements, only a sign saying not to feed the animals and to sleep inside your tent.  Graham slept in the bus.  A few Tuskers helped us settle before bed.

The following morning we decided to rise before light to squeeze in a cheeky morning safari before our 24 hours were up.  Up first I went round to wake the team and in the torchlight I saw at least 6 pairs of Hyena eyes circling the periphery of the camp.

I decided to wait till daylight to go to the shower block.

Another day in paradise.

I’m glad I bought & dragged around that 2kg Sigma 50-500 lens.

Mr Titch spots a Giraffe.

Apparently a herd of these badboys are called a ‘dazzle’ of Zebra.

A group of Hippos are called a ‘bloat’ of Hippos.  Every day’s a school day on the BAWP blog kids.

Once we packed up camp, closely watched by a ‘gaytard’ of baboons (check Wiki, I’m not making this up!), we squeeze off another groupshot in our team hoodies.

And off we zoomed, bound for the north-west.

Tomorrow I post our journey through Kenyan towns for Nairobi. Tune in from 9am for the another instalment.

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