Note: This is one of a series of blogs I’m posting while I’m in Kenya & Uganda shooting a month’s charity photography for Link International, documenting the delivery of vehicles from Kenya to Uganda.

Our jungle neighbours had a house with a tower and before we hit the road to begin the Kenya Drive I asked if I could get a view from the top.

Not bad eh?

And so, the adventure begins.  Our mission: to deliver two 4×4 Pajeros and an ambulance from the Kenyan coast to Kampala, Uganda in 10 days.

Locked and loaded, we hit the road.  I snapped this typical road scene as we stocked up on camping gear.

There’s not much they don’t sell along the roadside

There were two routes to our first stop major waypoint, Tsavo East national park; one along the main road littered with potentially corrupt police checkpoints who’ll want our transit through Kenya to be faster than we’d like, or down the ‘seasonal dirt road’

We’ll take the dirt road…

The question is, will the ambo take the road, or will the road take the ambo

We trundled down this road for what seemed like forever, windows down, taking in the view.

We stopped into Crocodile Point Safari lodge on the outskirts of Tsavo East for some seriously tasty steaks.  This chap was greeting us outside.

This chap on the other side.

The view from where we lunched.

A little detail that made me smile.

Back on the road towards Tsavo East…

I’d spent the day in the back seat / hanging out the sunroof of the the vehicle holding up the rear, and had developed quite the Dale Winton tan.

Tomorrow I’ll be posting Safari snaps, so tune in from 9am for the next instalment.

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