Check out the latest addition to our household…

This is Kyra!  She’s a rescue dog we’ve taken on & given a ‘forever home’ to!

The story is that these fine folk noticed their neighbours weren’t caring for their dog (she was getting left in the yard, unwalked and underfed), so being pet lovers they volunteered to walk her for them.  Eventually they said to their neighbours that they think it best if they care for her, and the neighbour said fine.  They got in touch with the Yorkshire Rose Dog Rescue to list her as a rescue dog.  Instead of filling kennels with traumatised animals, they have a foster system where carers volunteer to look after the dogs.  On their website they show dogs needing a home and you can go visit them in context, walk them and see how you get on. 

We went met the lovely Kyra and saw she was happy living with another dog & a baby, and after a long walk saw she was already well trained

Their current owners told us her good & bad habits (she likes to jump up on the sofa!), explained that they’d love to have kept her had they the extra cash.  As they’d become emotionally attached to Kyra over the 3 months they looked after & trained her, they later told us the foster system meant they got a chance to make sure they were giving her to a good home.

We told Yorkshire Rose Dog Rescue that we loved her, and a week later popped back a 2nd time to see her.

She’d just been neutered & vaccinated (as YRDT do to all their dogs), and I took some photos of her.

Look at that lovely face!

So shiny & bright!

And in taking the photos, I realised what a mission pet photographers have!

I don’t think this’ll be the last photo like this that I take!

After lots of thinking about whether we were responsible enough and would have the time to walk & care for her, we decided to take her!

So after the YRDT owner checked out our home, and the foster family gave us the go ahead, we popped by with a little gift…

…and before we knew it we were on our way home with her!

A week (and little bit of heart rending night-time dog crying) later, Kyra’s all settled in at our pad & enjoying long walks & games!

She’s a happy bunny indeed!

(shot with my new 50mm f1.2, which looks fun how it caught her nose in focus and not her face!)

Look at her!

Cutey much?!  

I’m like a super proud father (in a slightly tight shirt)

We’ve been having a blast bonding with her.

She loves playing fetch with the ball thrower

But sometimes comes back without the ball, like in this case with an ambitiously sized stick instead.

We’re loving the joy she’s bringing to everything

(…she’s dozing next to me right now on the sofa, sleep running!)

And there’s nothing that warms the heart more than seeing her I’m-so-pooped-but-couldn’t-be-happier expression.

If you like these pictures… watch this space, cos there’ll no doubt be more pics of her on this ‘ere blog!

ps. If you’d like to help the amazing work at ‘Yorkshire Rose Dog Rescue’ donate your cash here.

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