A few weeks back I took a good drive across our fair isle (down and right to be imprecise) to join these guys, Jen & Rob for their pre-wed!

We met at their spectacular wedding venue, Meols Hall in Churchtown, near Southport!

Meols Hall is one of the oldest settlements on the Lancashire coast, and the historical manor house dates back to the early 12th Century!

Although some photographer buddies of mine have shot here before, I’ve never had the good fortune to do so myself so I was more than a little excited!

(All the more intensified in the beautiful summer weather!)

I arrived early and had a nosey round a few of the hundred acres of private parkland grounds, to familiarise myself with the best spots for portraits.

Wedding ceremonies take place in the four hundred year old Tithe Barn and weather permitting, the reception can be enjoyed in the courtyard outside!

After a good natter and a catch up about Jen & Rob’s big day plans, we started the practice shoot!

I do these pre-wedding practice shoots to familiarise myself with a few great spots to use for portraits, (as for example, this ancient door immediately caught my eye)

But most importantly, I want the portraits I supply my couples to be relaxed and to capture them naturally.

To show them that they can have fun and enjoy it

and also to capture their love and the details that define them

Plus as always, I couldn’t not photograph their shoes!After we’d done with the doorway we ventured into the courtyard and I spotted this.

Anyone else see the face?!

It’s even got hair!Love this one!  For me, it’s the perfect combination of a relaxed pose, having a laugh, at shallow depth of field in late evening back-lit sunlight!

Loving Robs retro Casio watch!

Not loving this so much, but there we are.

I can imagine sweeping up confetti from cobbles to be less than amusing…

After a few cuddles in the courtyard we took a stroll around the grounds for more portraits.

These guys really are a lovely couple and it was so good to hang out with them to see how they are together and to get to know what makes them smile.

(Fortunately we seemed to have a very similar sense of humour!)

Round the side of the house I’d spotted some long grass that I fancied doing a few snaps in.


Naturals.If it’s dry, I like to bury a couple in long grass for a bit of a romantical smooch.


Towards the end of our explore we found this fun wooden bridge too over a bit of a marsh.

The skies suddenly turned ominous, and as nice as the sunlight against blue-grey skies is to shoot in, we thought we’d take our leave and head back to safety!

But not before one last snap of us breaking the rules!

I like these guys style!

Their wedding is no doubt gonna be a fun one!  Watch this (cyber) space towards the end of September for their highlights!

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