This is part 2 of Jane & Jonathan’s wedding highlights from their wedding down in London last Saturday.

If you’d like to read the first installment, or would like to see the video of all their highlights, click here to see part one.

So while guests enjoyed a drink at the Duke, I took Jane & Jonathan for a quick round of portraits round the square outside the church.

I liked the bicycles sign in this little detail shot.

I always do a prewedding practice shoot to help my couples get used to being papped, and also like to nosey round the venues before the day.  When I met Jane at the Church, it was essentially in the middle of a biblical storm.  When we’d crossed London to the venue we were lucky to get some pics between showers.  Although I still love the pics we caught (check them out here), it was hard not to let the gloomy wetness overshadow how J&J thought their day could turn out.

But the lessons were learned, and they were super-comfortable in front of the camera.

Basically the rules are to pretty much ignore me most of the time, & to cuddle & smooch when I demand it!

But the weather was such a blessing!

Love this one.The cool Londony doorways everywhere added loads of great scope for framing up our lovebirds.

The bus they’d hired to ferry the gang around was a pristine 1970’s Routemaster bus
It was an inspired touch that the bus took a convoluted route around all of London’s major sights!

Here we are heading up to Picadilly Circus.Guests were supplied with special souvenir ticketsI believe it’s against the law to photograph a London wedding and not include a photograph of a red phonebox or two.

😉Passing Trafalgar SquareUp towards Wesminster Abbey, the Houses of Parliament & Big Ben, having just driven passed Downing St!Then we arrived at the afternoon reception venue, The Institute for Government.  It’s actually where Jonathan works & they’d done an absolutely magic job turning it into a wedding venue!

Just before going in, I asked them to wait in the doorway…

…for everyone to have a snap at!I caught this one just outside by a King George statue Once inside, guests mingled on the lawn, while canapes & pimms were served.It was all very chilled out and summery!The Bride & Groom made an entrance into the reception in a bubble storm!Aww.We quickly turned around the family groupsand got onto messing about with the wedding party!

This one’s great.A slightly more serious oneThe ladies!The dudes!The lady & the dudes!Jonathan had an idea to arrange the wedding party on the steps down to the Mall, and I rather like how everyone’s doing something different to each other.Those shoes rocked!
As did Jonathan’s tan brogues!As (rather unusually) we weren’t staying right through to the evening do, we made our way up the grand staircase before guests went in for dinner…and cut the (cheese) cake!The wedding breakfast looked amazing, in crisp whites, in one of the IFG’s conference rooms.They had speeches before dinner and they were genuinely hilarious and heart-felt; the best two things speeches can be.The father of the bride & groom’s speeches were class.  Apparently the groom doesn’t often do a speech in the States.

And the two best men gave what were possibly the funniest speeches we’ve heard all year!  So good.And that’s where we left them to enjoy their food and the rest of their evening!  

It was such a wonderful day all round.  Even though we were there for less time than usual, somehow we shot more images than I think we’ve ever shot before.  No doubt this is because everyone simply enjoyed the sun and the day was bursting with fantastic details!

Their official pictures will be up in a private client area in a month, but in the meantime, I really hope Jane & Jonathan have an wicked honeymoon in Croatia & Italy!  I’m informed that because Jane did the lions share of the wedding planning, Jonathan’s taken on the planning of the honeymoon around the Islands of Croatia (& kept them a secret!).  We’ve been around them ourselves, and they’re in for a treat!

x B

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