Here we have Sarah & James!  Recently it was their turn in front of my lens, and being busy peeps, they cunningly met me on the way to a wedding!

Hence the smartness!

We met at their amazing wedding venue, Mitton Hall, in Clitheroe.

Check out the main hall!

It’s an amazing boutiquey hotel that I’ve shot at before (post here)

The place is full of amazing details.  Check out the bar!

But in my opinion, the very best thing about the place is the fact that they have paintings of dogs in smart clothes.

I NEED some of these guys for my house!

These guys were sold on the pooch portraits too, as they’ve got a dog themselves called Zak.  We’re all pals on Facebook now, and Zak has his own page and comments on his pictures & updates his status.

I knew from when I met these guys they were my kinda peeps!

The red coat, purple door combo looks great eh?

It’s quite unusual I get dudes at the pre-wed suited and booted, and I rather liked it!

Mitton Hall is filled with wicked spots for pics, inside and out, front and back, and these two were total naturals in front of the camera.

I like the kind of regal quality to the posing on this one.  I do ask a couple to try and physically connect (no loose hands people!), and I like how James has his hand on Sarah’s shoulder and how Sarah’s hand comes up to her face.  I didn’t position hands, just asked them to connect up.

They’ve added a cool new stone bench since I was last there, so I thought a cheeky snog was in order.

A little tryptic action, doing the usual, “look at me, have a smooch, look at each other ” setups.

I give all my trade secrets away, don’t I?

The thing I liked about these guys, is that they seemed to think I was amusing!  We laughed a lot.

You see, I rate people on how funny they think I am! (ask Clare, I’m not joking!)

Not just cos I enjoy making people laugh and think life should be enjoyed and fun-filled, but when people are having fun & are genuinely laughing, I’m able to freeze moments of them actually having that fun. When they looking back at those images the fun comes back.  It’s as though the image has stored the fun.

I really do try and capture & distil the fun of a wedding into my work.

 While I was goofing around with Sarah & James, they told me I was like Austin Powers, and by the end of the shoot they were calling me Austin.  They’ve since addressed all correspondence as “Dear Austin…”! I love it.  Austin Danger Powers has always been one of my heros.

Yeah, baby, yeah.

And so forth.

Ooo, behave!

James put the “grrrr” in swinger, baby

Here we go again! stare, kiss, look!

I have to be careful when I’ve got mojo working at a level such as this. If I counter their mojo and end up with cross-mojulation, their heads can sometimes explode.  It happened one time when fembots came out and smoke started coming out of their jubblies.

Why take the stairs when you have a perfectly good canoe?

Ok, I’ll stop.

Look at these guys!

 They’re switched on! They’re smashing! They’re totally shagadelic, baby!

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