Another food shoot I did recently was with Dine Catering Services. They asked me down in association with the Leeds Guide to pap a bit of their food.

Dine Services Food Photography by Barnaby Aldrick

What appears here to be a little cherry tom is actually a baby toffee apple. Cheeky.

Dine Services Food Photography by Barnaby AldrickA swanky hazlenut crusted yorkshire goats cheese with matchstick apple & mustard seed combo.

Dine Services Food Photography by Barnaby AldrickSliced artichoke on fish something or t’other.

I should perhaps do my research before trying to name these.

Dine Services Food Photography by Barnaby AldrickBut the point of this post was really for this image.

I was playing with it in photoshop & ran a few slightly wacky actions from the PS gurus at Totally Rad & Kubota Image Tools. I hit the ‘KevX-process combo’ to replicate the old fashiony cross-processing film development, and boosh, get a load of it now!  I love it. Much more fun.

About cross processing, Wiki say: Cross Processing is the procedure of deliberately processing photographic film in a chemical solution intended for a different type of film. The effect was discovered independently by many different photographers often by mistake in the days of C-22 & E-4 film development. The process is seen most often in fashion advertising and band photography, and in more recent years has become more synonymous with the Lo-Fi photography movement.

Now digially yours with the click of an action.

Interesting fact: Tony Scott’s mediocre 2005 film “Domino” was shot on color-reversal stock and cross-processed.

But fashion food shoots, kids – that’s where it’s goin’! Mark my words.

… but don’t hold your breath

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