After blogging two wonderful short breaks to Paris (blog here) and Bergamo (blog here) earlier this year, two things occurred to me i) images with text over them look ace and ii) like a builder who never finishes his kitchen, I’m a photographer who’s had empty frames in the bedroom waiting to be filled since we moved into the house.

So I decided to do something about it.

Clare & I love to travel (especially to places that take pride in their local cuisine!), and have been all over the world together in the ten years we’ve been together.  So I decided a nice theme for photography in our bedroom could be places we’ve been on holiday together, processed into a similar style and emblazoned with the title each place.  So I took a stroll down memory lane, digitally dusting off a few archived hard drives and tried to pull a single image that some how summed up each place.  This wasn’t easy!

We only had 8 big ol’ frames to fill, and the shortlist contained 22 places!  I like each and every one of them, but thought you dear readers might fancy a look at the alphabetically ordered shortlist (and at the end of the post you’ll see how they looked framed):

An unusual image to sum up Berlin, but this was an graffiti-filled stairwell in the arty Kunsthaus Tacheles building.

[See the full Berlin blog here]

We loved Bruges, with it’s brilliant canals, endless trappist beer menus & waffles, mussels & chips (not all together).  On this trip, back in 2009, I’d just bought the 5DmkII and filmed the whole adventure & made a fun video I called In Bruges too (check in out here), and this image was one of about 10 photographs I shot.

Last summer’s trip to some beautiful mediaeval towns around the Alsace with two good pals (blog here).

Island hopping around Croatia was a magical way to spend the summer, and apart from all the stais, Dubrovnic is a gem

Another island of Croatia.  I liked that on the colour version of this image the sea was SO blue and the shadows cast by the boats so clear!

My favourite place in all of Thailand!  I’ve personally been to this ‘divers island’ about 4 times, and it’s always so peaceful.

Clare & I visit the Lake District a couple of times a year to stomp with a bunch of pals, and dappled by a bit of sunshine, it’s like no place on Earth.

[This image was from our Wasdale stomp here]

In my opinion, Marrakesh is the closest cheap-flight destination that lets you slip into a totally different culture.  Such a fascinating place to wander around.

[I filmed a lot of this trip with a miniature mode time-lapse tiltshift mode on my old Canon 1000HS, and the final film can be seen here]

An early winter’s holiday with Clare to Riga in Latvia was a fun trip.  It’s great to find “sky bar” type places to sip a cocktail and watch the sun go down.

I did find ‘fonting’ some of the places with shorter names a bit of a pain on some!  So this one didn’t make the cut!

Another trip last year to France; I love the endless tree-lined avenues.

I took a year out after university, not long after meeting Clare and after I’d globetrotted through South-East Asia, New Zealand & Fiji, we met in LA & hired a little sports car to bezz up highway 1 to San Fran.  It was selling 3 megapixel images from this trip that started my career as a photographer!

You can see more of my photographic story and how and why I love travel in one of my fave blogs I’ve ever written here.

I really enjoyed limiting myself on our Paris trip back in January this year to capturing timeless street scenes on primarily just the 45mm Tilt-Shift lens.

I like this view from up the main square clock tower, which Clare – not being a lover of heights – freaked out on!

One of my fave places in the world are the Greek Islands, and I’ve been there 4 separate times.  Santorini is one of the most dramatic by far.

[Unfortunately, this also didn’t make the cut for the bedroom as it was in portrait format, and I decided to only select landscape images]

Sicily was a fab late summer holiday a few years back, drinking limoncello, visiting Roman ruins & touring around some of the film sets from the Godfather.

Australia was 2012’s main break, for a month back in January.  Again, I made a video of the trip which still brings back fond memories and can be seen here.

Another nice French scene from an eaty trip to the South of France (blog here).

Late last year we visited Venice (Blog of 100 B+W faves here), and I caught so many lovely images of this magical place.

I love how this portrait-format image above looks like it was captured in the 50s, with this dappa suited, brill-creamed Italian in the centre.

If you’ve not been to Venice, don’t be put off by the crowds, tourism or prices, it really was a surprisingly lovely place.

I liked the way the ‘Venice’ font fits across this one, over the gondola mooring posts and towers.

Ahhh, good ol’ Yorkshire!

This was shot looking back along a dry stone walled path on our first Dalesy walk with our then new pooch Kyra, around Pen-Y-Ghent (blog here).

On this trip to the Greek island of Zante (AKA: Zakinthos), I’d gone hoping to get a photo an ace image of this famous shipwreck in this limestone cove.

By day it’s packed with tourists, so we hired a quad bike and zipped up before sunset one night.

So that’s the A>Z of a few places Clare & I’d been together.  I love nothing more than to travel and at last count, I’ve been to over 50 countries, so it was brilliant to actually get some images printed for the walls in the bedroom.  The places we ended up printing were  Bergamo, Bruges, Koh Tao, Provence, Sydney, Venice & Yorkshire…

…and the final prints looked like this on our bedroom wallpaper.

I was really pleased with how they looked, professionally printed out at LoxleyColour on full 40×50 print paper, and cut to fit.

On the main wall above our bed we also printed a monster 100x70cm colour panorama of Paris.

Thanks for looking folks!  Remember to print your travel pics…


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