Back in March, Clare & I popped in to see our pals Mel & Phil & their adorable one week old, Holly.

I took my camera to take a few snaps.

Awww – like a real foot, but BABY!

I love how babies copy what they see.  Look at Holly’s ace expression.

Yesterday, 6 months to the day later, we went round for an ace dinner & look who’s got all growed up!

…and who’s still doing the same expression!

Mel & Phil are an awesome couple who own & run the ace Merrion St bars Verve & Reform in Leeds (Verve is where I host my Sunday Service night).  As well as having a little one, they’re soon to open & launch a new bar called ‘Call Lane’, (not surprisingly) on the ever popular Call Lane, in the spot where Music Ground once was, opposite Oporto.  We were hearing all about it last night and it sounds ace.  Can’t wait to check it when it opens at the end of September.  Clare’s gonna have her fancy dress 30th birthday bash there in October, and you’ll no doubt see some photobooth pics of that anon!

What a little star.

I’m make no claims to be a baby photographer, as it can indeed be a mission getting an infant to smile for the camera, but I just thought I’d share these.

It’s also nice to post some non-wedding images!  It’s been a busy summer indeed, and now things are quietening down,  I’ll be posting all sorts.

Watch this cyber space!


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