On Saturday Clare & I dived on an early train to London to join Jane & Jonathan for their glorious, fun-filled wedding!

Jonathan’s American family & friends had crossed the pond to enjoy their big day with them, and it was such good news that the sun donned his hat for the occasion.  London looks all the better bathed in golden rays.

This is part one of their wedding story, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

While Clare headed off to catch the guys at the church, I joined Jane & the gang at their house off Warwick St in central London for the preps.

Here’s the lovely bride, Jane, putting her makeup on

The gown!

I’ve known Jane’s sister Lisa (above), for years, and I think Jane heard about me through my images showing on Lisa’s Facebook wall.

Lisa & her bro Paul (also above) are both ace photographers (Paul pro & Lisa bo!), so while we weren’t there first thing, and after we left, they kindly took up the slack!

Jane’s flat was so bright and lovely, I hardly needed to bounce the flash once.

I love the light in this shot of Jonathan’s mum, taking her dress out of it’s wrapping.  She told me they’d been held up by a serious Stateside hurricane and were getting more than a little concerned about being able to make it, so when they caught their flight a few days late, bundled her dress in her carry on, just in case!  Phew!One of Jane’s roles in her job is organising events, and it was easy to see the amount of thought & organisation she’s squeezed into the day!

I liked this one of Jane making up her mum in the bedroom

On Jane’s bed I spotted this character overseeing the proceedings.

I could be wrong, but I believe his name was Steve.

A most excellent name for a bear.Jane’s flowers were wonderfully creative too.  Apart from the rosemary & Roses, they majority of the bouquets & table flowers were ‘succulents’, from the cacti family & Jane’s florist had apparently never used them in a bouquet before!  Ace eh?

Dad’s duties during the morning was keeping the crew hydrated & fed.

Bacon butties were the order of the day.

I like this one through the door of the bridesmaids adding these succulents to each others hair.I love creative weddings. All the bridesmaids had different colour shoes, with matching accessories.  Jane’s were the green ones!

Mum having her nails done!

And a lovely shot of Lisa choosing which belt to wear.Meanwhile, Clare headed over to meet the guys at the St Mary’s ‘Non-Drowsy’ church in the heart of London, just north of Oxford St.

A cheeky snap of the order of Service.After setting the church, Jonathan’s American groomsmen helped one other apply wedding flora …

… before a spot of silly group action!

Clare said she had such fun shooting the chaps, and that American’s are SO easy to work with for wedding photography.

For some reason the English presume our role is to make them look bad, and hide away and close up whenever they see you scoping them out! 

As guests began arriving, Clare caught this nice shot of the rings

I rarely see this at UK ceremonies, and it might be an American thing, but the groomsmen walked all the ladies to their seats!

How terribly chivalrous!

Back at Jane’s she slipped into the gown

and as soon as she joined the girls in the lounge to be laced in, the waterworks very nearly started, and I love the girls reactions!

Love this.
Fun fun fun

GorgeousFinished with a bowIt’s all about the little details!

The flowers look absolutely ace.Off the girls shot in the first hackney carriage…While Jane & Dad had a quiet moment together.

Before heading down to join the fun!I like this one too.

Someone looks excited!We simply couldn’t believe the weather!

Jonathan seemed very chilled when I arrived.
Here comes the bride!

It looked like the waterworks fired up on both sides as our bride & groom’s eyes met down the aisleAwww

But they soon evaporated into beaming smiles.Man & Wife!While they signed the register

…one of Jonathan’s best men sang a few croony numbers!
As it was a bit squinty bright in front of the church portico, we did a quick shot of everyone in a corner of the square….

…followed by a confetti bomb!Jane & Jonathan had booked a vintage red London bus to shuttle their gang over to the venue, but allowed a bit of loose time for guests to cross the road & enjoy a swift pint at Jane & Jonathan’s favourite pub in all of London, the Duke of Wellington

Which, as this blog post is already becoming epic in length, is where I’ll leave you for now.  Cheers for making it this far!

If you’d like to see part 2 of the story through my eyes, check the blog tomorrow at 10am!

x B

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