Yesterday I joined Annabel & Matt to photograph their big day at Wentbridge House Hotel.

In spite of the chilly wintery gloom, a brilliantly fun day was had by all at Wentbridge, near Pontefract.

The forecast was a bit ominous, but the rain kindly held off until everyone was tucked up in the warm!

While everyone enjoyed their wedding breakfast meal we backed up pictures and made a quick slideshow to show at the evening reception. Even though they’re only quickly ‘processed’ and aren’t up to the scratch of the final images, after the wedding I like to set the slideshow to their first dance track and turn it into a video to blog, so the couple and their pals can see the images literally a few days after the wedding.

I hope you enjoy this story of a very special day!

It was great to be back at Annabel’s family home in Walton, as three years previous I’d joined her sister Georgie there on her wedding day!

Here’s the lovely bride to be hanging out with one of her girls in her childhood bedroom

Downstairs in the dining room, Annabel’s beautiful wedding gown was hanging in waitExcellent sparkly shoes!Dad, Georgie’s hubby Johnny & their brilliantly behaved lab Pria went on a mission for bacon butties and all were rewarded with the spoils!
As Clare was at a Knitting & Stitching Show in Harrogate (I know, she’s so over 30!), my good friend & fellow colleague Cris Matthews stepped up to the mark as 2nd shooter to join the chaps for their preparations at Wentbridge House. Once ready, the guys wandered round the corner and up the track to the churchLove this one!Meanwhile back with the bride…

Just stunningTeam bride ready to rock!I love dogs.

When she watched the slideshow in the evening, Annabel said that this was probably her favourite!

It was ace to see Jonny & Georgie again (who’ll very soon be a family of 3!).  I can’t believe it’s been 3 years since their wedding (the highlights from their Hazlewood Castle wedding are on the blog here if you fancy a look)Once the wedding car’s arrived and the bridesmaids have left, there’s sometimes a nice moment of contemplative silence before hitting the road.Here comes the brideAlthough he delivered a hilarious speech about what women say / what women mean, the vicar was unfortunately a bit of a stiff when it came to photography, and we were only allowed to photograph from the back.

Cris caught the kiss on his 85mm f1.2, a lens I don’t have or use much, but it looks stunning

The official signingAnd back down the aisle as man & wife!CONFETTI BOMB!While everyone was together we quickly turned through the family line ups

…and the wedding party teamshotsTeam groom

Team brideThen while the guests were ferried back down to Wentbridge in a mini-bus, Cris & I rattled off a few portraits 

Love these ones in the church doorwayCris was inside shooting

And also holding a flash for a bit of back-lit fun

Cris Matthews is known amongst friends as ‘Flash Matthews’, as he’s a master of using flash, so I thought I’d take advantage of his skills and we’d rock a few flash-lit portraits.

The Jag mkII (AKA: the Morse-mobile!) is a stunning automobile, and with our happy couple and a pop of flash, we’re laughing!Back at Wentbridge Annabel & Matt soldiered on in the cold for a few more quick snapsThey’re genuinely such a lovely couple and we had a blast with them.

While they mingled I caught a few pics of their Cricket themed wedding breakfastOnce everyone had settled into the meal, a little surprise planned by mum & dad kicked off!

Two singers, who’d been pouring wine disguised as waiters, began singing opera!

A surprise indeed!

Cris hates having his photo taken, so it seems only fair to put one up here!

Speeches were just brilliant.  Dad’s was eloquent, touching and hilarious in equal measure.

Matt had taken issue with the fact that when asked what theme the wedding should have, he wasn’t allowed to go Pirate.

Pretty much all the guests were in on this!

And the best man, Matthew’s twin, did a top job……shaming his brother!The beautiful cake was created by the fair hands of Matt’s mum!

The first dance

Then the party really got going, GANGAM STYLE!

So here’s a massive congratulations to Annabel & Matt for hosting such a brilliant celebration of their wonderful relationship.  I hope they have a fantastic honeymoon in Mexico!

Party on kids


Barns & Cris

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