T’other day I joined Martin & Michelle for their pre-wedding meet at their house, where I met the other member of their family…


Clare & I are about to move into our first house and we’re thinking of getting a dog to keep me company.  We’re thinking of a Beagle, cos they look mint.  But it’s always interesting seeing different breeds of dogs.  This solid box of a bulldog was a proper grandad of a dog.  Even breathing normally he sounded like he was snoring through a pleasant dream.  Apparently he falls asleep standing on the side of a sofa, literally dropping off & creating a crash like a book case just fell over. I recently met a different couple who have a bulldog they say lives for sitting on the sofa watching telly. I can relate to that kind of animal. Martin & Michelle told me how they had to carry Harvey home once cos he got too tired.

He don’t look light, either.

It’s so funny how different dogs are.

Anyhoos – back to the real stars of the show – Martin & Michelle are getting married this weekend at Clay House Park near Halifax.

They’re driving there in a vintage campervan and afterwards are having their reception in the field of a friend in Papakata Tipis!

They come in various incantations, but generally look like the above.  In spite of unpredictable UK weather, they’re actually dead toasty.

Inside they have fires, a bar, a chill-out area, a dining room, a dancefloor and all sorts.  I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

I couldn’t help making Harvey the centre of attention. Look at the guy! He’s a tank,

Down by the Clay House Park playing field was a graffiti wall, with loads of bright fresh work on it.  A primo background.

While we were snapping I was holding Harv’s lead, and I turn to find he’d found an ambitious stick.  Brilliant.

After a bit of a grey shoot at Clayhouse we drove to the field where they’re hosting their reception and the weather changed completely.

We’re talking low sun, and that teal-grey ominous sky that could bucket down any moment.

So we got involved into the sun, and stole a delectable few flarey frames.

And before we wrapped I thought I’d remind people how big my chin looks with a 16 mil at an arms length…

Can’t wait to see the tipis m&m! Bring the fun!

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