Yesterday we joined Sally & Andrew to photograph their toasty wedding in Central London!

It was ace to be back down in the big smoke again; bustling with it’s black cabs, red buses & grand white buildings

Before I left Leeds, I read 32.5 degrees on the dash!  Saturday turned out to be that, plus the usual London heat Island bump.  Most couples hold their breath for a sunny wedding day, but entertainingly Sally said they’d booked an October wedding because she didn’t like hot weather and fancied a spot of cool Autumnal breezing.

However, the late Indian Summer heat wave certainly made for a happy bunch of wedding revellers, mingling away in the sunshine.

I headed to join Sally & the girls at their lovely house near Arsenal football ground. You’d think considering Sal & Andrew are MASSIVE footie fans, that’d be a bonus, but nae – they respectively support Sheffield Wednesday & Everton!
I love that the Owl’s & Toffee’s colours determined their blue & white wedding colour scheme (as well as the colours of their bedroom)!

The dress was a thing of beauty

And here’s our lovely bride!

The story’s in the pre-wedding post here, but basically I met Sal when I was travelling round South America, and we had a great experience bonding aboard a rough NaviMag cargo ship ‘cruise’ up the patagonian fjords with good pals and cheap red wine!The morning was a very chilled out affair……& Sal and her bridesmaids enjoyed a spot of pampering.Very cool shoes!And beautiful flora

Clare joined the chaps at the Cavendish Hotel, 5 minutes walk from their wedding venueThey had quite the view from their penthouse apartmentAnd coincidentally, it was the Everton Liverpool derby!

[If there was one downer on the day for Andy, it was that Everton lost 2-0…]After the game the chaps booted upLiking this combo of the chaps supervising Andy & a groom good to go!

Back at the ladies, the girls enjoyed bubbles and a wee feast in the yardMum & dad turned up…

and joined the fun

Mmmm, macaroons!As Sal slipped into her gown…

… dad practiced his speech

A quick snap of the bridal party and we were good to go!
I love that London weddings often get around by the ol’ Hackney CarriageI rode with Sal & her dad and some lovely things were said between father & daughter.

Lovin the light in this one…It’s all about the shoes!

Sally & Andrew’s reception was at The Institute for Contemporary Arts, in SW1, literally down the street from The Institute of Government we shot Jane & Jonathan’s wedding a few weeks back.

It’s a grand ol’ place

And upstairs, the groom & gang were primed for the partyA quick shot of a proud dadThe staircase up to the ceremony room was most impressive & I like the catch of the groomsman spying over the balcony.AwwLiking Sal’s fan!Their little pageboys,dressed in footie kits, were a team of ring bearers!The official signers!

And a new Mr & Mrs take to the aisle!

While guests filed downstairs for the drinks reception, Sal & Andrew had a moment together on the ICA balcony overlooking St James’ Park & the sights of London.I like this shot of our little footballers!
Over the road we strolled…for a good mingle

I like this snap of a wee guest playing in the Autumnal leaves

A few quick family shots were done in the evening sun

Love it.There was a little patch of sunshine I found which both backlit and reflected off a window, so I popped the girls into it!

A few details shotsThe dudes!And a quick teamshot!We took everyone onto some nearby stairs for a big group shot……then arranged a little confetti fun!Afterwards I took Sal & Andrew on a quick stroll up the Mall to Trafalgar Square, stopping occasionally to play in some tasty light

We’d met a month or so back for their pre-wedding shoot, and had done a good practice looking for locations and shooting around the area (check out the pics here)We managed to clear off a Trafalgar Square lion of tourists for a quick pic 

But often it still looked cool with peeps in the background

Especially in this ‘where’s wally’ type shot!
The sunshine was simply brilliant to snap in.And when we got back it was time for a final spot of mingling before heading up for the Wedding Breakfast The room looked great and tables were named after their fave bands.After guests went up, they too had a moment on the balcony to enjoy the view

and have their pic snapped in front of the London sightsSuch as Big Ben!And the eye!After dinner, speeches were great funAnd all of a sudden the evening rolled in!

(It is October after all!)Two other guests at the wedding (Paul & Charlotte) were also pals we’d made on the South American Navimag experience, and it was great to catch up with them over a few scoops after we laid down cameras.

They’d even managed to source a bottle of the very ‘Gato Negro’ red wine we drank on the Navimag in a French Hypermarché! Their first dance to REM’s ‘Be Mine’Awww.

After a few snaps of revellers partying the night away, it was nice to get involved ourselves!

So here’s to Sally & Andrew and their wonderful union!  We hope they have a fab honeymoon in the Seychelles & South Africa!

B&C x

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