Barnaby Aldrick Yorkshire wedding photography 2022 Highlights, Amazing Yorkshire wedding photography

Hello 2022! The year of (almost) post-pandemic partying! 

While there has been the odd mask and PCR-shaped reminder about, I can’t tell you how GOOD it’s been to pap a solid year of wedding shenanigans again…

Hospitality is just about back on its feet, and wedding stories are there to be told again. 

After 16 years photographing weddings around Yorkshire, it has been wonderful to discover a host of venues for the first time, that have been on my doorstep all these years. This year I shot at Howsham Hall, Cowparsley Weddings, Eaves Hall, The Chilli Barn Otley, Rudby Hall, The Fleece inn Ripponden and Ringwood Hall – the number of which remind me that couples trust my style, not just that I’m a recommended supplier (who truth be told, often get tired of shooting the same place, time and time again).

It could be a pandemic hangover, but during 2022 I didn’t venture far outside of Yorkshire. I did head across the Pennines twice – without even suffering the white to red rose nose bleed – to shoot a fun Anglo-Korean wedding at Manchester Art Gallery as well as a wedding near Oldham at Saddleworth Hotel. The rest of my weddings were at my favourite hangouts of The Pheasant Hotel in Harome, Rudding Park, Priory Cottages near Wetherby, The Tithe Barn at Bolton Abbey, Denton Hall, Wood Hall near Wetherby & Goldsborough Hall, amongst a few others.

As always, I’d like to give a shoutout to all my fabulous couples for letting me into their lives on their special day, like an old friend with an ‘Access All Areas’ pass. It’s been an absolute pleasure wrapping up each wedding story with my signature blend of laid-back portraits, stunning details and timeless moments.

I write a wedding blog for EVERY wedding I photograph – whatever size and whatever the weather – and I see them as testament to my reputation in the industry as ‘Captain Consistency’! Plus they’re a great resource for new couples to dig through for ideas and past couples to dip back into for nostalgia.

Like my past Annual highlights posts, I’ve structured this like a superblog (no capes!), in the order that the day unfolds. This isn’t an ego post to show off my most ‘artistic’ work to my peers, it’s an insight into the actual stories I try to create at every wedding. You won’t find gimmicky techniques here – such as bizarre ‘deliberately out of focus’ or point & shoot camera ‘direct paparazzi flash’ styles that are currently getting fashionable – just ‘timeless’ and amazing Yorkshire wedding photography. These round ups serve as insight into my photographic approach and what I strive to capture at weddings. So, if you like what you see here and are looking for a photographer for your own wedding, don’t hesitate to make contact here to discuss your big day.

It’s always a nice, nostalgic winter challenge to trim down the highlights from this years epic stack into a manageable post, so without further ado – let me present to you in around 150 images the Barnaby Aldrick Wedding Photography 2022 Round Up, as both a video slideshow and blog of images…



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And here we go…

Favourite North England Wedding Venues, Rudby Hall Wedding, Howsham Hall

Just like an episode of Downton Abbey, I like to kick off the context of my storytelling with area details and a grand ‘establishing shot’ to communicate location in time and space. Above are a few faves from this year, including newbys Howsham Hall & Rudby Hall (top and centre left) as well as old faves at a springy Goldsborough Hall (bottom left) and The Tithe Barn at Bolton Abbey (top right).

Similarly, I often close the story before I head home with an evening equivalent, like this evening shot at my last Denton Hall wedding (bottom right). It’s poignant to include because Denton Hall closed its doors to weddings this year after being sold for development. I was lucky enough to not only shoot one of their last weddings there, but 9 lovely weddings there over the years. I’d like to give the hilarious Brooke and her team there the biggest of jumping high 5s for being so fab to work with over the years. It’s great to get to know venues and their staff over such a long stretch and best of luck to them in their new careers!

Pandemic wedding third time lucky

In spite of almost being out from its clutches, Covid continued to show it’s mark on this years weddings!

Crazy to think this couple, Jen + Chris, had to postpone 3 times and wait an extra 2 years! 

(I can also proudly say that I didn’t lose a couple due to covid date changes and didn’t charge a single penny for postponements, even 3 times over)

Amazing Yorkshire wedding photographer

After setting the scene, I find the morning preps are like the creative limbering up stage of the day for me. Once the ceremony begins, weddings fall into a similar rhythm, but in the morning it’s a great challenge to find imaginative images in a generally chaotic environment, surrounded by a usually initially distrustful wedding party people (especially when not yet made up)!

So it’s a delicate balance of people management and instinctive reactions to capture fun storytelling images, that bring it all back later. 

After an initial offensive with Team Bride, I generally give them a moments respite by shuffling off to capture a few still life details like the dress, shoes & flora, like this shot of an amazing dress and blue shoes (above left) at Clare + Joe’s funky wedding at The Pheasant in Harome 

Amazing Yorkshire wedding photography

As I’ve developed over the years, I’ve grown to want detail shots to do say more than one thing. So instead of just a dress hanging like a strange ghost in a room, I’d rather capture the bridesmaids looking at it (as above at Danni + Nicky’s wedding at Rudding Park) or a shot of a bride’s shoes to perhaps include a card from her groom and a covid mask (like at Ruth + Joe’s wedding at Hornington Manor below). I hope it shows in my work these days. 

Eaves Hall wedding photographer

I’ve ended up shooting more solo weddings this year, especially when couples get ready at the same venue, but I’d like to give a huge shout out to this years wingmen and wingwoman second shooters who generally document the guys morning! Matt Baxter, Danny Rich, Matt Sim, Daniel Pye & Magda Musiałkiewicz – I couldn’t have done this without you!

Hornington Manor wedding photographer

Guys preparations are often technically harder than bride side, because girls are generally strapped to chairs for extended periods being beautified for hours. Guys, on the other hand, are a law unto themselves, are usually like herding fog, and then get ready in 15minutes flat in a sea of exploded suitcases!

Clean, uncluttered images don’t come as easily as they appear!

Wood Hall Wetherby Yorkshire Wedding Photographer

This calm, final touches shot in beautiful window-light at Becky + David’s Wedding at Wood Hall by Danny Rich is pretty much perfect.

Pheasant Inn Harome Wedding Photographer

Joe and his crew were great value at their wedding at The Pheasant. Sometimes you shoot grooms you wish you could be mates forever with!

While it’s easy to stay a bit laser focussed on the bride and groom through the day, it’s often the little moments around the story that I find a pleasure to capture. Such as the grooms mother putting together the wedding cake she made (above right), flower girls greeting guests as they arrive (above) or three naughty brothers with a hipflask they found (below)!

Goldsborough Hall Wedding Photographer

Then it’s back to the star of the show and time to gown up!

This is often for the bride where it gets real! Tensions ride high, no-one remembers what they were told in the shop on how to do it up and it’s fly on the wall time or you’re out the door!

But again, it’s an exciting test of instinct to get creative with what light and positions are available.

It’s a special moment when the bride sees herself as a bride for the first time, as at Hayley + Adam’s wedding at Priory Cottages (above left).

And then suddenly it’s time for everyone else to see too!

Rudding Park Wedding Photographer

Flower girls are an unpredictable beast, but their innocence and wonder has a magical way of diffusing any dress dramas to flip things fun again!

Above are two different brides in front of the same window, and I adore the flower girl’s belly laughs with Emily at their wedding at Rudding Park (above right)

Amazing Yorkshire wedding photographs

Finally, after Bride Squad group hugs, it’s time to let Daddy see his little girl…

Father daughter wedding photography Moment

I captured so many moving moments of Fathers seeing daughters for the first time this year that it was near impossible to select just one for the blog!

My fave ended up being Sam’s Dad’s gobsmacked reaction at their family home, before their Tithe Barn Wedding near Bolton Abbey.

Especially as this was his lovely reaction below just after…

Amazing wedding photography

It’s not just about the bride.

Amazing Yorkshire photographer

If there’s time before registrars descend, it’s great to get a casual team pic like this one from Hannah + Simon’s wedding at Priory Cottages

Ukrainian Wedding Photography

…or if you’re about to go to a Ukrainian wedding, a shot of Vodka or Cherry Piana Vyshnia!

These are the moments where a dad has to step up for his little girl and walk with her to a very important moment in her life

And the significant gravity isn’t only felt by the bride during this moment!

Saddleworth Hotel Wedding Photography

I love a supportive hand from a best man as a groom fills with emotion, as above at Lydia + Martin’s wedding at Wood Hall

That’s what best men are really for.

Walking down the aisle is another moment in the day where having 2 shooters can make a great difference, capturing groom looking back at his blushing bride

The thing I love about weddings is how they swing like a pendulum through emotional extremes. One minute you’re chuckling away at the shenanigans Father Iain makes people do at Rudding Chapel…

…and the next you’re in tears behind the camera, as a dying bride ties the knot on her hospice deathbed to her longstanding partner. 

Then you’re witnessing the grand union of two loving gents, as at JP + Dan’s Gay wedding at Ringwood Hall

Tithe Barn Yorkshire Bolton Abbey Wedding Photographer

While guests are focussed on a moment is a great time to capture their genuine glowing pride.

I’m always on the lookout for reactions like these, as well as the moment itself (below).

This shot of the kids with their phones at Emily + Charlie’s wedding (below left) made me smile 😀 

Then it’s back down the aisle with a fist pump, as man & wife (ideally not catching alight to a very close candle!)

And then it’s one of my fave moments of the day! Congratulatory cuddles!

I always encourage my couples not to hide away and arrive out in a hail of confetti, cause in my opinion, the best time get a fill of guests is when they’re busting to congratulate the newlyweds!

It’s a time not only to often capture beautiful parental (and grand-parental!) reactions, but also emotional parent / child emotions, like at Paula + Ben’s wedding at Saddleworth Hotel (above right)

Love this second shooter snap (as you can see me in the background!) of the best man giving a teary flower girl a squeeze. 

It’s one of my favourite periods at a wedding, ’cause guests don’t notice the photographer when they’re focussed on giving genuine congratulations!

And once I feel everyone is out from the ceremony and have had a chance to say a quick hello, it’s sometimes time for a bouquet toss (like at Emma + Keaon’s wedding at The Fleece in Ripponden above)

But it’s ALWAYS time to make something out of a confetti moment!

Often holding their ceremonies upstairs, The Priory have a great balcony for a unique confetti shot, like Grace & Harry’s Priory Cottages wedding (above)

Chilli Barn Otley Wedding Photos

Equally, I love a good walking ‘tunnel’ confetti shot, like this colourful blast from Bex & Andy’s wedding at The Chilli Barn in Otley

The other option to a walking shot is what I call my signature ‘confetti bomb’, where the couple are placed in the crowd and everyone throws at once!

(Plus, with two shooters you can capture two awesome angles of this)

Afternoon ‘mingles’ are equally important to the story of a wedding for me.

While they’re often off doing group pics and portraits for up to half of their reception, I believe couples love to see photos of their friends enjoying their wedding.

When I’ve a second photographer, it’s their job to go on the hunt for storytellers, laughers, yummy food shots, cheers and – where available – a flower girl with a long fluffy tail and a badminton racket…

There were strong lawn games at Nat + Tom’s wedding at Cowparsley Weddings near Harrogate, from croquet & bowling to a bizarre, made-up game to see of how far can two people stretch to get a shoe without more than 3 points of contact with the ground. 

Bunny Hill Wedding Photos

The afternoon reception is a great time to grab relaxed mate shots, even during an unexpected snow storm at Amy + Simon’s wedding at Bunny Hill

York Museum Gardens Wedding Photos

At some stage during the afternoon reception, I take the couple out for a quick round of portraits.

I try and keep them in the shape of a chilled-out walk, away from guests for a bit of peace. Sometimes a wee bairn might join the action, as above at Ieva & Gordon’s walk around York’s museum gardens.

Bolton Abbey Wedding Photographer

Other times we bring the couple’s special pooch along for the stroll, such as when we took a walk down to the Wharf with Alfie the cockerpoo at Fiona + Andy’s wedding at The Tithe Barn at Bolton Abbey

I’m not always a fan of ‘tiny-people-in-big-scene’ images, but love one with the drama of the Bolton Abbey ruins in the background. 

Another variation of the same location at Emma + Marc’s wedding at The Tithe Barn at Bolton Abbey

I like this smiley Eskimo kiss from Sophia + Sammy’s wedding at Goldsborough Hall

Before my weddings, I try to meet my couples for a quick practice photo squirm in a Leeds Park, to help make the big day portrait process feel more relaxed and fun.

These ‘pre-wedding meetings’ always help make the results at the wedding itself feel more natural – and for this reason I include them in all my packages.

And it helps get far more relaxed pics from the couple (and in this case, with their boy Miles!)

Another way to relax a couple is to insert their favourite animal!

…or two Llamas, with minds of their own! Like at Rachel & Rob’s wedding at Welbeing Farm in Edgeworth

I enjoyed the symbolism of this spring tree at Emma + Joe’s wedding, climbing up a wall, sprouting young spring leaves.

Ringwood Hall Wedding Photos

This is one of my fave portraits of the year, from Kyu + Ed’s wedding at Manchester Art Gallery. Not just ’cause three nude voluptuous females in the famous ‘The Sirens and Ulysses’ painting are a great way to spice up a blog post, but because the brides hand placement makes it look like one of the sirens actually has their hand on Ed’s shoulder! It’s subtle, like a siren, and made me smirk.

Emily + Charlie’s wedding at Rudding Park was loads of fun, as they exclusively hired out the entire golf course for a grand marquee reception, and escaped after their portraits in a golf buggy!

Eaves Hall Wedding Photos

Group photos! Ugh – the worst part of any wedding right?! 


I love to make something of the groups, and pride myself in keeping them fast and fun! I usually kick off with the biggest shot – everyone – so the majority of the guests can get back to the party with minimal disruption and not hate me (as at Chris + Jenny’s wedding at Eaves Hall above).

Then it’s the family variations, such as this lovely wintery gathering around a bit of furniture at Georgina & Oliver’s wedding at Denton Hall (above).

Then it’s time for a change of scene with the wedding party!

I do love a mighty power a bench has to break up a photo from just being people in a line!

Priory Cottages Wedding Photos Yorkshire Wetherby

Then I like to mess about with a ‘three freestyle poses’ shot for a bit of a fun variation! 

The Fleece inn Ripponden Wedding

Above are a few faves of what comes on that command!

Sometimes things don’t always go to plan, like when the groom tried to pick up the bride and dropped her!

All of a sudden, it’s time to that strangest of meal titles, the afternoon wedding ‘breakfast’!

So I try to nip in to capture all the hard work the couple have put into make these spaces their own, before their pals descend to demolish it!

I’ve shot a few Ukrainian weddings in my days now, and they have some wonderful traditions. The brilliant ‘Perepiy’ at Katrusia + Andy’s wedding at The Ukrainian club in Bradford, where every guest does a shot with the couple was packed with craziness. As was the dancefloor, as you’ll see later!

Speeches are also a special opportunity to gather a bit more background about a couples story.

I was lucky enough to be asked by an old friend called Julian, to photograph his step-daughter’s Hayley’s wedding (top left above) and his moving declaration of love and pride was the most lovely speech I heard this year. 

Weddings at The Manchester Art Gallery certainly double down on exposed background boobies 

As meals wrapped up, surprise singing waiters turned a good few of this years weddings to chaos!

Compounded by 2022 seeming to be sponsored by the ‘Baby Guinness’ shooter (below left)!

It was a sad day when Denton Hall closed its doors to weddings. Apparently, I was the photographer that invented the ‘staircase cake cut confetti shot’ (above right), which always looked pretty ace.

(Though I doubt the staff will miss vacuuming it up!)

Ukrainian evening receptions come packing some fun traditions, including a rapid-fire sequence of ‘Unveiling the bride’, ‘Cabaret’ (replete with mid air sword fighting) and ‘Kolomeijka’ guest dances!

It’s amazing to see much dance is alive and well in all ages in Ukey culture!

One fab summers eve at Cowparsley Weddings, Nat + Tom’s first dance was interrupted by the ‘New York Brass Band’, who – like pied pipers – led guests outside for a full set of dancing the night in (below) 

A few brides this year kicked off the evening reception dancing with full on father/daughter routines!

It’s great to then get some beautifully lit snaps of the first dance before guests pile on!

There were some fab evening dancefloor moments this year! Danni’s dad’s uncanny Mick Jagger impressions, Ibiza legendary Saxophonist ‘Eli Sax’ getting saxy mid-dancefloor and even DJ couple Bex + Andy actually spinning a bit of Disco wax for their pals!

Always nice to see hilariously chaotic Cèilidh country dancing (which I think I will officially never know how to spell without Google) 

But most importantly, there was genuine LOVE!

On both sides of the camera in the picture above – as I’d known Chris + Jenny from back in the days when we all waited tables at TGI Fridays! So it was a real pleasure to be part of their special day and to catch up with some old ‘Fridoid’ pals!

A few weddings wrapped up their proceedings with a bit of sparkler action too.

Manchester Art Gallery Wedding PHotos

And I wrapped up the wedding stories with a few final flash flourish portraits!

They call it ‘blue hour’ where skies darken and the ambient light from window and buildings start to glow.

And a splash of well placed flash can wrap around a couple and their surroundings and add a sprinkle of magic

Ringwood Hall, Sheffield Wedding

  I had a tonne of these to choose from! Love this one of JP+Dan

This time of the evening is the only time of day where it’s kinda cool to have a bit or rain too! I love how the nearby raindrops catch the light and emphasise the couple lost in the ‘depth of field’.

And that’s that! My 2022 round up is complete. Top marks for getting this far, if you’re still there!

Barnaby Aldrick

So here’s me, my long-suffering wife Lynsey & our (now 2 and a half year old) lad Lenny, wanting to thank all my lovely couples for being super stars and for all their kind words and gifts this year!

It’s an absolute pleasure doing this job and you guys rock! ♥️

If I’ve shot your wedding this year I hope you found a snap from yours in here! If you’ve enjoyed the service and have engaged pals, or like what you see for your own big day, don’t hesitate to contact me here.

And if you’re booked in for 2023, I look forward to joining you for all the action very soon…

Here’s to a brilliant 2023!



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